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We want you to crawl, walk, dance, or just get undressed and into bed with us...

Oh, yes, always wanting more all you ladies, and thieves,
whores and gentlemen…


Sexual Addiction 2013 cover

LICK, LICK, LICK your lover
TOUCH, TOUCH, TOUCH a stranger
TASTE, TASTE, TASTE those bodily fluids
SWALLOW, SWALLOW, SWALLOW love, hate or curiosity

Featuring Guest Artist: the Human Tongue

What is IN MY BED?

IN MY BED Magazine is a sexy and sensual literary arts magazine that will arouse and submit to the imagination of writers, artists, and readers at hand. Together, we will curiously explore, observe, and exhibit themes in an experimental and abstract manner unlike traditional and obvious erotica.

Sex should never be a nemesis but rather be the lust and skin of life.
Sex is an exposition and haven that is so dear to humanity.
Sex is a form of art.
It is that touch, feel, taste and sight for artistic and natural expressions.

IN MY BED Magazine will either push people's buttons or push your lover up against the wall.

IN MY BED Magazine will be a kind of literary promiscuity to enjoy on a quarterly basis while drinking a good cup of coffee, smoking a cigarette, somewhere downtown, on a university campus, or in your bedroom.

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